‘​I stand With Kayla’ Campaign Yields  Promising Hopes

It is exactly three weeks since since the campaign to save baby Kayla was started but it seems it is showing signs of raise of hope to baby Kayla as her mother Dyna reveals. Remember last Sunday was. Kayla’s birthday fundraiser celebrations and the turn up was overwhelming.

It is later being revealed that of the 185 million shillings needed for Kayla’s treatment, already 55 million shillings have been collected in a period of 3 weeks and the remaining journey of getting the remaining 130 million shillings is still on. In her words, Dyna Ruvuza informed us that her joy is enormously uncontrollable the World has shown her daughter an extraordinary love.


“I can no longer contain this happiness that I have. Like I said, I will only count my blessings. I have been trying to compile a list of all contributions but it’s a lot harder than I thought. People have been enormously generous to my little girl. I can say that so far, we have managed to raise about 55million towards kaylas treatment. It’s too overwhelming for me. Thank you everyone that has already come through. Thank you everyone who has said a prayer for kayla to be well. We only have 130million to go but I know we will make it. It’s only been 3weeks since we started the campaign. Its a huge miracle. God is already on this. We shall come out as victors” Dyna Ruvuza noted.

We wish Baby Kayla Ruvuza a quick recovery and the whole country should stand with this little Angel in this hard time.