​How to Know She is Crushing on You, A Must Read for All Men

Throwing Random Tantrums.
In order to know and confirm that she is feeling you and she wishes you bed her for some, throwing random tantrums is a sign. Here she gets twisted over little jokes, she shows you how she doesn’t want random females to flirt with you and so on. And you know what to do my brother, you have a rollin ball.

Corrects your errors frequently.

This is a usual case at work stations where she always wants to show you that she cares a lot, she corrects you always with a seducive smile and she always wants to dictate on how you should dress. She loves seeing you perfect in her eyes. Then she yearns to have a share on your snake inside your trouser fly.

Liking what you like

For any person that likes what you like and vice varsa will undoubtedly be part of you. This technique is employed by ladies to indicate that she falls for you. She can love all your hobbies and help you fight your enemy. That is a female that wants to be your own.

Frequent calls and texts

Yes, here she loves hearing how your voice sounds on the other end. She can call you for no reason and when you ask why she called, she will say “i was just saying hi” even text messages reminding you to eat, pray and wake up become rampant from her. Am i deceiving ladies?
That is what we have had for you today, keep in a wait for part two where some of the females employ tactics like coming at your place for voluntary sleepovers in order to have.