​Guilty or Innocent, Pastor Bugingo Summoned to Court

Though big boys don’t cry, The founder of the House of prayer ministries church located in Kikoni-Makerere, a Kampala surburb Pastor Aloysious Bugingo has been summoned to Nabweru magistrate’s court for blasphemy charges.

In a case filed by the plaintif, a one Aloysious Matovu Kiiza together with Jenna Francis through their lawyers wamell and company advocates accuse the man of God of insulting religion and creating mixed feelings among Christians in the country when he burnt thousands of Bibles at his temple alleging that he was basing on religious grounds.

We shall have our first hearing at the chief magistrate’s court Nabweru and we and our lawyers are ready”, lamented Aloysious Matovu.
Pastor Bugingo has been given a 15 days ultimatum to file in his application defence or the plaintiff will proceed with the suit and ruling done in his absence.

It must be remembered that during the Easter weekend last April, Pastor Aloysious Bugingo whole at his temple reportedly torched thousands of Good news Bibles and the King James version which he took to be fake and demonic for using words “Holy Ghost” instead of ” Holy spirit” a move that angered church leadres in the country many terming his action as an insult to Christianity.