​Geosteady to headline the Luxury Annual Insta Party

The Luxury Insta party is one of the annual happenings that drive party animals crazy where social media bloggers meet for a one for the ride.

Singer Ykee Benda had been chosen prior by the events organisers to lit the fire of the party in Club Guvnor on the 14th of July, 2017 but the plot has changed because of his busy working schedule.

The EVA sensational hit maker is set to perform in Kigali and Nigeria on the same day of the party which has propelled the architects of the show to hook up the TOKENDEEZA hit singer Geostedy take over according to  Dorothy Deidre,

We have already agreed with Geostedy and has promised the best show“, said Deidre.

The Luxury Insta party brings together social media users especially instagram and its all about partying, floss, red carpet and live instagraming.

NTV XPOSED’s Esco and Dorothy Deidre will emcee the show with entrance put at 25k.