​Date Your Friend and Marry Your Best Friend- Don Zella

Yes we have known her to be that no nonsense lady who just cares about her twins and business but today we cited her in a love mood as she threw soothing love tips to her fans and believe it or not, she got it all.

As she is gearing up for her Beauty With Brains all white party in Dubai next month, she has got us involved in a state of waiting for her in sheer love and that is why she has not hesitated on telling us how we have to date our friends and marry our best friends.

Zella Nalongo

If a boyfriend is not your friend will not care about ur feelings he will be comfirtable letting u drive wen u drunk will be comfirtable living u in the middle ov no where he will be cormfitable letting u goooo but a real man fights hard for his woman & insists he will never give another man a chance to takes care ov his woman he truely loves .

Date ur friend & marry your best friend .” Don Zella preached love.