​Danz Kumapeesa’s Condition Terribly Worrying, Health Updates

One of the most talented music producers in Uganda,  Producer Danz Kumapeesa’s health condition is terribly worrying to an extent of the doctor’s leaving his becoming better in the hands of God.

Danz Kumapeesa used to move by himself but now he can’t. Nurses change him on time table like twice a day.

He used to eat by himself but now he can’t, they feed him through pipes.

He never dreamed of putting on a pamper at his age. But as u read this talented music producer is putting on one.

He can’t laugh, he can’t cry, he can’t  open his two eyes, he was badly beaten by robbers and left with one sense (hearing).he was visited at the hospital, people tried talking to him but he couldn’t reply. All he did was to release tears from his left eye.

Doctors say that His skull was broken into particles. They removed the broken particles and now are waiting for the skull to rebuild back.

Right now he needs 19million shillings to Come out of this situation.

Just pray.. Please pray for Danz kumapeesa. Do the needful please get time and visit him.

His a hero to many musicians and celebrities. A fighter to life and a pillar to the Uganda’s Music Industry.

Sean Musa Carter

A Creative, Experienced and True talk Entertainment/Gossip News Writer. Devoted to telling it the way it is.!!!