​Da Agent To  Release “Kale Bba” Video 

Savaam music lugalufula rapper Da Agent has been so keen on his musical trend, and he is not set to look behind since his style luga lufula has alreay gained audience and setting a trend with limited competitors, and now after releasing the Abenkwe remix with Stabua Natooro, he is ready to drop anaother brand new video from his camp savaaam music.

The video in question is the Kale Bba one which its shooting commenced early this week and soon or later, we are to have an optical nutrition of something new and artific from the Nkalabuka hit song maker. “kale bba video shoot is over, the video is on the way soonest” Da Agent tipped.

Kale Bba is a luga lufula song that has a wide meaning but in brief it is a mockery word that tells you to steel if you can which shows in mind that someone is watching you.

He goes on in the song to mock those who can copy music styles can go on and copy his luga lufula style. The video is under editing and we all get set for the new thing from Omukenkufu himself Da Agent soon.