​Bobi Wine Over Powers Bebe Cool’s Facebook Likes

It goes beyond no doubt that the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament seat gave Bobi Wine a trippled popularity where by the rate at which he is talked about, the media accessibility and his music playing all trippled since he came out of the shaddows and contested for the position which he won. 

But in this juncture, it is not only the above that has trippled but also his own fan base has increased tremendously with in just two months and we have seen his facebook page run past his bitter rival Cebe Cool by ten thousands. Blizz Entertainment is taking you through the numbers and we bring you the both page likes countings before the Kyadondo elections, and after the elections.

Before the Parliamentary seat elections came in, Bobi Wine page likes were at 491,600 which were growing on a very slow pace but currently it has 529,000 in a period of two Months. That means he has gained over 30,000 more likes.
Then his rival Bebe Cool before the elections he had 511,000 and now it has 512,000 likes which means he has added just 1,000 likes in two Months. My friend recently told me that it is Bobi Wine’s time to shine, and indead it is.